[Top 15+] Container Transportation Management Software: Digitally Transforming Business Operating Processes

Container transport management software | We all know that after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s economy in general and the global economy in particular will suffer. It has greatly affected many different industries, especially the transportation industry. As people’s lives begin to return, the demand for shopping and transportation is increasing, forcing businesses to increase productivity. The high workload also causes businesses to operate more and more. Trucks encounter many difficulties in managing their fleet.

Container shipping software and petroleum consumption monitoring software are strategic partners for businesses. Let’s learn with TNK through [Top 15+] container transport management software today.

What is container transport management software?

Container transport management software
Container transport management software

Container transport management software is special software that helps businesses manage information about shippers and detailed information about goods, vehicle operations (running and stopping times) as well as other information. Coordination, reporting and manager support features help minimize shortcomings and secure business information.

Currently, container transport management software offers a wide variety of features, such as being able to assist in ordering, delivering, and coordinating containers, to being able to manage large fleets of vehicles. transportation,… Therefore, our use of quality and suitable container transportation software for businesses brings great benefits that businesses desire.

Why should you use container transport management software?

Reasons to use container shipping software
Reasons to use container shipping software

Switching to container shipping management software can be difficult for businesses that are accustomed to using manual management on Excel and similar manual tools.

But what are the potential difficulties in using manual software:

  • Poor information security: Management using Excel makes data stored there very susceptible to being edited and deleted by unauthorized people. Businesses can spend a lot of time recovering and may even lose data if they do not use software with effective security layers.
  • Errors when entering information: The most important thing for transportation businesses is information about shippers, fleets, and customers. But managing too much information can cause errors during data entry. Businesses using professional container shipping software will help minimize errors caused during the data entry process.
  • Difficulties in reporting: Using Excel when creating a report file causes managers to encounter many difficulties and waste a lot of time, having to go through many different steps. Currently, container transport management software has this function built-in, we just need a simple button, the transport software will solve it all for you.

Benefits of container transport management software

Many benefits when applying container transport management software to transport business
Many benefits when applying container transport management software to transport business

Container shipping software can bring many different benefits, depending on the goals of your business.

We can talk about a few main benefits such as saving time in transportation and increasing work efficiency. Reduce operating costs and additional costs such as tire costs, fuel costs, repair – maintenance, etc. The most important benefit is when it directly affects car owners, customers and businesses.

Benefits of container transport management software for truck owners

  • Container transport management software suggests to truck owners the most suitable routes, minimizing fuel costs, so orders can be delivered more quickly.
  • Monitor vehicle condition such as tire pressure, vehicle battery, and issues such as maintenance deadlines and vehicle oil changes.
  • Managing the driver’s driving style, from the data provided by the software, businesses can base on it to make assessments or warnings to the drivers.
  • Enhance transportation efficiency, when businesses can manage and arrange additional shipments during the day.

Benefits for customers

  • Customers can track shipments while in transit, and will know the specific location and time the order will be delivered.
  • In-depth order monitoring, knowing more about the temperature, location, status and risks related to your order.
  • Create orders and communicate directly with the delivery party, minimizing automatic order placement and errors during the order creation process.
  • In addition, customers can evaluate the efficiency and costs of different shipping units to make reasonable decisions.

Benefits of container transport management software for businesses

  • Increase revenue through more effective management and scheduling of fleet breaks, when you can deliver more shipments and make more trips per day.
  • Monitor container dropping/lifting for shippers and warehouse owners in real time.
  • Compare shippers and warehouse owners to evaluate efficiency and save costs for shippers, helping to choose a more suitable partner.
  • Container transport management software provides the ability to create fast, simple transport business reports, suitable for each business when working with partners.

Suggestion [Top 15+] best container transport management software today

After we understand the benefits that container shipping software brings, there are still many difficulties in choosing the right software for businesses. Therefore, TNK would like to introduce [Top 15+] best container transport management software at the present time.

PMVT container transport management software – The first step in digital transformation for transport businesses

When mentioning transportation software, it is impossible not to mention PMVT container transportation management software belonging to the supplier TNK. TNK Company is a unit specializing in providing software for domestic transportation businesses.

Up to now, the software has been operating for over 5 years and is always the leading transportation software trusted by businesses. The unique feature of PMVT transport management software is the detailed management of almost all stages of a domestic transport enterprise. The level of detail is up to 90%, although the characteristics of the transport industry are that each unit has a different management method.

PMVT container transport management software
PMVT container transport management software

Some special features on the PMVT container transport management software system:

  • Personnel and fleet management: store all personal information, images, evaluate driver performance…
  • Dispatch management: Just enter the dispatch command, the system will automatically send detailed messages about the order to the driver including container truck dispatch and general vehicle dispatch.
  • Technical management: The system will automatically warn the gas manager when maintenance, oil change, cover change, inspection, license is due. Besides, the software can also manage material warehouses, manage technical and repair costs, etc.
  • Petroleum management: The system manages almost all gasoline costs and oil warehouse management (export – import – inventory). On the other hand, the software can also warn of abnormal fuel usage, track each vehicle’s travel schedule, and automatically calculate and evaluate the performance of the driver and the entire vehicle fleet.
  • Income, expenditure – debt – revenue – profit: From the above data, using AI artificial intelligence technology, the system will automatically calculate that data in the most accurate way from which the report can be published. Reports – statistics on revenues and expenditures, debts, revenue and profits in the most detailed, transparent and accurate manner.

These are some special features of PMVT container transport management software. However, there are still many other features that a domestic transportation business really needs. For more information, features, and advantages about PMVT transportation software, you can refer to the official website pmvt.com.vn.

MeKong Soft software

Mekong soft is a unit specializing in providing software for businesses with many years of experience in many diverse fields such as restaurants, hotels, tourism, commerce, services,… and consulting. Consulting on software design according to customers’ specific requirements, this is also the most characteristic feature of Mekong Soft software company. Mekong Soft’s main products:

  • Sales and warehouse management software
  • Accounting management software
  • HR management software
  • Production management software

In the transportation sector, Mekong Soft also provides gasoline station management software including: revenue and expenditure management, purchase management, accounting reports, sales and electronic invoicing. However, in the field of transportation, management must go through many complex stages and depends heavily on human factors and external factors.

That’s why designing specific transport software is a difficult problem for Mekong soft. Because people who make specific transportation management software must have specialized and in-depth knowledge about every stage of this field.

However, the fact that Mekong Soft also provides gasoline station management software is also quite successful in the transportation sector when many gasoline stations trust Mekong Soft’s software.

Adaline software

Just like Mekong Soft, Adaline software also provides management software in many fields such as tourism, restaurants, hotels,… software designed on request. Adaline’s unique feature is that it specializes in providing sales management software (pharmacy sales, grocery sales, mini supermarket sales, fashion sales…).

In the field of transportation, Adaline also has a container transportation management software product for transportation units. The advantage of transportation software is that it has an easy-to-use interface, uses Vietnamese fonts and can change languages, especially Adaline focuses on goods management features, tracking delivery progress, etc. .. This is also Adaline’s strength when designing software. Therefore, any transportation business that needs to focus on warehouse and goods management should learn about this software.

Mona Media software

Mona Media is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to the field of software as well as websites. Operating for more than 8 years in the software field, Mona media has affirmed its name with many projects in all types of fields.

In the field of transportation, Mona Media also breathes new life into the design of container transportation management software. Mona Media focuses mostly on management software at the import stage. This is a software system that supports importing goods from China to Vietnam, controlling all shipping activities from these two countries.

The advantages of this import software management system are:

  • Easily track basic order information including shipping costs, goods type, weight, delivery time,…
  • Customers can view images and detailed information of their goods, through which the system will notify when the customer’s goods arrive at the warehouse.
  • Using modern information technology: customers and businesses just need to scan the QR code and product information will appear extremely conveniently.
  • 24/7 customer support is also a big advantage of Mona Media when customers have problems and need to solve them.

In general, if any transportation business needs to focus on goods management and import, Mona Media is the top choice. Regarding finding a detailed container transport management software, Mona Meida does not specialize in this category. Depending on the operational needs of each transportation business, choose a software suitable for your unit.

PMXD container fuel and oil management software – Effective fuel management

PMXD container fuel and oil management software is also part of the TNK supplier – a unit specializing in providing software for transport units. PMXD petroleum software is a sub-software of PMVT transportation management software.

PMXD petroleum software lis a comprehensive petroleum management solution for transportation companies. The software is the result of digital transformation in the transportation industry with special features such as:

  • Oil warehouse management features: software manages costs and the amount of fuel poured, including export – import – inventory. At the same time, this feature also helps managers automatically calculate profits when businesses use petroleum management at the warehouse.
  • Abnormal fuel consumption warning feature: When there is any case of abnormal fuel consumption, the system will automatically warn the manager. From there, managers can confirm where this unusual amount of fuel consumption comes from, whether it comes from people or from vehicles. Thereby taking timely measures to help businesses limit unnecessary risks.
  • Travel schedule tracking feature: The software connects directly to the GPS positioning of each vehicle, thereby directly tracking the vehicle’s travel schedule to help managers control the operations of the entire fleet.
  • Export reports – detailed statistics on all gasoline cost activities: software users only need to enter some basic information such as: date and time of filling gasoline, number of liters filled, vehicle number. Using AI technology, the system will automatically calculate the necessary parameters of a fuel planning table: trip allowance, amount – number of liters of oil purchased, amount – number of liters of oil consumed, number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle. ,… Through that report, managers have data to evaluate the performance of each driver and the entire fleet.
Price of PMXD petroleum management software
Price of PMXD petroleum management software

In addition to specific features on fuel management, PMXD container fuel management software also has other management features.

  • Personnel management: stores personal information of drivers and vehicles. Store images related to drivers and vehicles. Evaluate the performance of drivers and vehicles.
  • Technical management: The system will automatically warn managers when maintenance, oil change, cover change, inspection, driving license, etc. are due.

With the above features, PMXD petroleum software is a software worth prioritizing for transportation businesses to use when they want to strictly control gasoline costs. Helps transportation businesses optimize fuel costs while increasing revenue and profits for the company.

Bytesoft software

Designed with the main goal of reducing the work burden on transportation managers, Bytesoft software is equipped with automatic data entry capabilities, helping to limit manual operations. Thereby saving significant time and costs for transport businesses.

Main feature

  • Automating the data entry process helps save time, resources and limit errors.
  • Ability to retrieve necessary information easily, quickly and accurately.
  • Visualize the situation and business results through reports with complete and detailed data and charts.

Xlogis software

For businesses looking for a professional, effective and convenient goods management system, Xlogis’s web app is a name worth experiencing with outstanding features.

Main feature

  • Closely monitor operations: Analyze revenue, costs, and profits; Compare business performance between periods; Evaluate the productivity of each vehicle, each driver, and each customer.
  • Automatically propose the optimal coordination plan for orders.
  • Manage driver and assistant driver salaries according to common calculation methods such as contracting by trip, by route and by time; Monitor advances and allowances, if any.
  • Fuel management: Monitor oil filling history; establish oil level tables; Warn in cases of excess consumption.
  • Track debt for each trip, each customer, and outsourced vehicles.
  • Vehicle fleet logistics management: Vehicle schedule details and records; Manage material warehouse, update repair history.

Qtransport software

QTransport is one of the cargo container transport management software. The solution is designed to support optimization of management processes, this software helps businesses increase flexibility and accuracy when coordinating shipments based on pre-programmed routes.

Thanks to its ability to operate on multiple platforms via the internet, QTransport allows managers to monitor business operations flexibly, anywhere and at any time, ensuring continuity. and efficiency in freight transport management.

Main feature

  • Manage detailed information about vehicles, drivers, partners, and customers.
  • Create new and customize orders, create estimated schedules, arrange vehicles and drivers, and quote shipping prices.
  • Monitor the transportation journey throughout the outbound and return routes until order completion.
  • Manage customer debt, driver debt and revenues and expenditures.
  • Report revenue, costs, profit for each shipment, each shipper, each vehicle and summarize revenue and profit.

BestGear software

BestGear is also one of the familiar names in the market and is highly appreciated for its reputation. Built and developed by Systemgear Vietnam – a company of the Japanese Systemgear Group with extensive experience in developing software for the transportation industry, Bestgear aims at the practical goal of improving quality and professionalism. in the operation and management of transport enterprises. From there, minimize risks that may occur during transportation.

Main feature

  • Coordination: Make plans and coordinate vehicles for each order.
  • Due date notification: Manage vehicle schedule, schedule vehicle maintenance and renew driver’s license.
  • Manage costs: Calculate shipping costs related to orders including costs of lifting/lowering containers, tolls, driver allowances, and vehicle repair and maintenance fees, trailers, oil…
  • Report revenue, expenses, and debts.

TMS software

As one of the experienced units in the field of logistics and supply chain, increasingly adapting and developing in the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution. TMS is a technology solution that this team is committed to bringing spectacular breakthroughs in the world of software technology, promising to bring optimal solutions to the transportation industry.

Main feature

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Outstanding vehicle monitoring ability during transportation, allowing accurate updates of the vehicle’s location and status.
  • Provides an overview report on revenue and profits so businesses can easily evaluate business performance.
  • Flexible in responding to new requirements, well supporting the need to expand business scale.

Vzsoft software

Vzsoft’s transportation software is programmed and designed according to the needs and specific characteristics of each business.

The highlight of container transportation management software is that it is used on Microsoft’s SQL database and is designed in a multi-layer model, allowing us to work with big data.

Main feature

  • Manage product categories, customers, distributors, categories and goods.
  • Manage each price list differently: different prices for each customer, despite the same trip – container size.
  • Monitor oil levels for each trip, according to container volume, vehicle type, and trailer.
  • Synthesize detailed debt reports: customer receivables, external vehicle liabilities, driver salaries, and lubricants.
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Meksmart software

Meksmart is a name that is not too strange for businesses that need software related to warehouse management and transportation management.

Brings extensive experience in exposure to many different fields such as: 3PLs warehouse management solutions, product tracking from purchase to shipping in commerce, distribution management by incorporating technology into in the field of business.

Main feature

  • Plan automatic routes for the vehicle, monitor the vehicle and its location.
  • Manage all information related to vehicles, drivers, assistants, shipments/orders and related warnings.
  • Compare mileage data on GPS tracking software and maps to see performance and actual travel differences.
  • Create reports related to vehicle consumption according to actual, per norm, and per shipment.

Smartlog software

As a Vietnamese Startup pioneering in information technology fields and solutions serving logistics operations.

With extensive experience in the software field, Smartlog is confident in continuing to expand other related software: SWM warehouse management system, STX transport exchange system, container optimization system. COS, SSM comprehensive management system.

Main feature

  • Automating dispatching, just need the coordinator to update transport data to the system, the algorithm will automatically propose an optimal transport plan in just 5-10 minutes.
  • Monitor delivery in real time, automatically warn when there are violations: late delivery time, wrong route, wrong stop, wrong temperature in the queue.
  • Manage vehicle fleet operations, from fuel to vehicle maintenance. To costs such as roads and bridges, maintenance, driver salaries, timekeeping, and KPIs.
  • Connect anytime, anywhere, from tablets, phones and user classification with multiple layers of security.

Viindoo Fleet software

It would be remiss to mention container shipping software without mentioning Viindoo Fleet software.

The software is considered a comprehensive solution for garage owners in managing vehicles and optimizing the receiving process. With a friendly user interface, easy to use and comes with many features.

Main feature

  • Manage and monitor transportation activities such as cargo status, temperature, vehicle location,…
  • Support in managing and granting user rights to dispatchers and drivers.
  • Manage related costs such as road tolls, vehicle fuel fees, maintenance fees and living expenses for drivers and assistants.
  • Notice of periodic maintenance reminders for the vehicle, to keep the vehicle in the best condition.

PyCom Solution software

PyCom Solution with more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital development has brought them many remarkable achievements. Dedicated development team with enthusiasm comes with high expertise. Always innovate technology to develop software to meet the increasing needs of businesses.

Main feature

  • Manage information about goods routes, detailed information about order status including location, temperature, and overall status.
  • The business situation is clearly shown through numbers and charts in the software.
  • Manage salaries for drivers, assistants and related costs such as tolls, rest fees,…
  • Automatically create professional reports, with full information and details, helping readers grasp information more quickly.

Latest transport management software price list 2024

Public price of PMVT transportation software and PMXD petroleum software
Public price of PMVT transportation software and PMXD petroleum software

Through surveys from customers and transportation software providers, we recorded many different forms of software business and costs. However, most suppliers rely on two main models: purchasing software licenses and renting software licenses.

Form of copyright purchase 

Transport businesses are required to pay the following costs:

Total license purchase cost = One-time license cost + Initial deployment cost + Integration cost with other systems (if any) + Annual maintenance cost

The price of transportation management software in the form of licensing will fluctuate based on the number of vehicles of the transportation unit, ranging from 300 million VND – 1,5 billion VND (for fleets of 30 vehicles or more).

Form of copyright lease 

With this form, transport units can reduce the initial amount compared to buying copyright. The form of licensing container transport management software will be calculated according to the rental month (workdays calculated from the time of project implementation, after signing the contract). Flexible installment payment method is 6 months or 12 months with one payment.

Transport businesses need to pay the following costs:

Total cost = Rental cost + Initial implementation cost + Other system integration costs (if any)

Unlike the form of purchasing copyright, in the form of renting copyright, the annual warranty cost is included in the monthly support cost, so customers will not have to pay this amount.

The price of transportation management software for copyright rental according to the survey will range from 5 – 15 million VND/month (depending on the fleet and requirements of the transport business).

Secure the price of transportation management software

Depending on the needs of customers, the number of fleets registered for management is based on software that transportation software providers do not publicly price. Therefore, to keep price information confidential, when negotiating prices, customers can text or call the software providers directly to discuss specifically.

For the sake of protecting the privacy of our software partners, we do not allow the prices of other units to be made public because it will affect and violate business ethics.

[List Price] PMVT container transportation management software and PMXD petroleum monitoring software

Hành trình sáng lập và phát triển của TNK

Particularly for PMVT transportation management software and PMXD petroleum monitoring software, the price has been listed and allows for transparent and clear price disclosure.

The two software PMVT and PMXD belonging to TNK Solution and Technology Co., Ltd. want transportation businesses to approach the new way of managing transportation fleets by digitizing all management procedures, therefore, the two parts The software has listed prices suitable to the needs of transport units.

Software name Unit Unit price Used Time
PMVT transport business management software vehicle 299,000 VND 1 month
PMXD petroleum management software vehicle 99,000 VND 1 month

The above fee does not include the cost of sending direct staff to support customer data entry (if necessary), which can be negotiated by day, week or month. The average ranges from 7,500,000 – 15,000,000 VND/month.

*Offer: Customers can experience the software by signing a contract for a minimum period of 3 months.

For further information, please contact TNK hotline: (028) 39 616 069 – 0978 700 220 for advice.

TNK process deploys container transport management software for businesses

Procedure Content deployment
Step 1: Consulting TNK staff will consult online, then schedule a face-to-face meeting with the customer. TNK learns about the needs and difficulties customers are facing and advises on features that address customer needs.
Step 2: Sign the contract Customers agree on the time and number of vehicles participating in the management process to sign a software deployment contract, and pay costs.
Step 3: Instructions for using the software TNK sends support staff directly to the customer’s office to instruct on how to use and input software.
Step 4: Handover and online support After customers are familiar with the software (expected after 1 month of direct support), TNK will hand over the full software and 24/7 online support staff.
Step 5: Re-sign the contract When the contract expires, customers who wish to continue using the software will notify TNK 1 week in advance (before the contract expires) to re-sign to use the software.

In summary, the article has provided readers with complete information from general to detailed about container transport management software in particular and transport management software suitable for all types of vehicles in general.

Through this information, businesses can boldly change their thinking in management, save human resources, control cash flow, and limit unnecessary losses thanks to digital transformation in business operations. transportation industry. From there, your business will also consider suitable container transport management software partners to accompany you in the process of changing your system management mechanism.

For more detailed information and advice, businesses and individuals can directly contact:

TNK Technology and Solution Company Limited

Địa chỉ: Address: 137 Luy Ban Bich, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Hotline: 028 3961 6069 – 0978 700 220

Email: hotro@tnk.com.vn

Website: tnk.com.vn

Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of using software compared to manual management on Excel?
When using management software, documents, information, and data will be updated and calculated automatically instead of having to use manual functions in Excel. Besides, there will be a system stored on the software so that users can easily retrieve information when needed.
Fuel management software supports detailed fuel management, right?
Correct. Fuel management software is only suitable for businesses that want to manage the details of their fleet’s fuel.
How is the support cost of TNK’s software calculated?
Support costs depending on customer needs range from 7.5 – 15 million VND/month.
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