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PMXD: Leading Transportation and Fuel Management Tool

PMXD is the abbreviation of Petroleum Monitoring Software belonging to Solution & TNK Technology.

PMXD is a powerful tool that helps transportation and logistics businesses manage fuel and transportation operations effectively.

With a combination of advanced technology and increased flexibility, the software allows you to monitor, control and optimize fuel usage, reduce waste and increase operational efficiency.

Additionally, the ability to provide detailed reports and real-time information also helps you make smart management decisions and seize every opportunity to improve your business.

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Main function

Activity tracking fuel consumption

Measure and record fuel consumption in real time

Petroleum data management

Store information about fuel refills and related transactions in a safe and orderly manner. Assign data access rights to the right subjects

Reviews and warnings consumption status

Calculate consumption norms, compare with set norms and make comments on the vehicle’s fuel consumption status

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Reporting and statistics

Automatically generate reports and statistics on fuel usage including fuel consumed, distance traveled, liters of oil lost and lost costs

Manage insurance and maintenance activities

Record and manage maintenance schedules for each vehicle, inform about schedules that need to be implemented. Ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and complies with maintenance and insurance requirements

Track your travel route

Provide detailed information about each vehicle’s travel route (origin, destination, stops and driving behavior during the trip). Thereby ensuring the trip is carried out as planned

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