Effective Tractor Tracking Solution for Transport Businesses

In the age of technology 4.0, transportation businesses are looking for optimal solutions for  tractor-trailer tracking, to minimize costs and ensure safety. Join TNK through the article below to learn about a great solution – tractor-trailer tracking software and the practical benefits and important features of this smart system.

Why is it necessary to track tractors?

Why is it necessary to track tractors?

Tractor tracking software is a smart technology solution, as they combine the use of GPS positioning and information management systems to monitor and manage tractor-trailer operations in real time. This software plays a role in helping transport businesses improve transport management efficiency, optimize travel routes, reduce costs and ensure driver safety.

Optimize and increase transport productivity

Tractor tracking software has the ability to manage driving routes for drivers when transporting goods:

  • Reduce conversion time: The software combines the use of GPS navigation devices to find the shortest browser, the best traffic conditions, avoid traffic jams, and help the vehicle transfer more efficiently.
  • Save fuel: tractor tracking software gives transport customers the best driving route, the company’s vehicles will avoid bad roads, affecting uneven gearing when driving thus helping the vehicle limit fuel consumption and save additional operating costs.

In addition, tractor-trailer transport tracking software is an effective solution for monitoring transport performance:

  • Tracking speed and journey: This is the most outstanding feature of this software. Because controlling vehicle speed and distance greatly limits travel risks and improves operating performance.
  • Stop time management: Business owners can track when drivers stop for rest purposes, or due to bad traffic conditions. Every stop and dump activity of the driver brings important information to the business. This is proof of focused work and assessment to eliminate the possibility of the driver selling gasoline outside.

Ensure driver safety

Tractor tracking software is also a method of monitoring and protecting driver safety during transportation, as well as monitoring the vehicle’s condition at that time, with the following features:

  • Detect incidents promptly: This system can monitor important indicators, through management interfaces on the software, such as tire pressure, engine temperature, if the driver and manager before Freight transport detects technical problems early to prevent accidents.
  • Periodic maintenance: If the vehicle is well equipped and has regular maintenance, it will move smoothly and avoid minor damage. Therefore, the tractor-trailer tracking software has the feature to provide detailed statistics of the types of vehicles in the company that need maintenance, helping business owners more easily manage the vehicles at the company.

At the same time, the tractor-trailer tracking software also adds the function of providing automatic warnings when the driver suddenly changes speed or when the driver goes astray by locating the map before moving.

  • Speed ​​warning: The system provides distance, speed, time, and location indicators when the driver exceeds the speed limit. Managers will monitor and easily manage their driving behaviors. and limit the risk of accidents.
  • Route warning: The software, when combined with a GPS device, will provide the most optimal route map for the driver before transporting. If while on the road, the driver deviates from the planned route, this system will promptly warn them, to protect the safety of the driver and goods at that time.

Manage vehicle drivers effectively

Tractor tracking software always tracks the working hours of drivers in the transportation company. Specifically, there are the following features:

  • Compliance with regulations: When monitoring the driver’s working days and hours, business owners will know whether the driver is working to ensure compliance with regulations or not, and the driver stops working at that time. for any reason, rest or traffic jam.
  • Evaluate performance: After knowing the driver’s working hours as well as productivity, the transportation business owner will have a detailed evaluation table for each driver based on actual data.

By evaluating the performance of drivers in the business, managers will take measures to improve working morale as follows:

  • Improve working conditions: Business owners will make appropriate adjustments for drivers, for example, drivers with little transportation experience, managers will place transportation orders close to the company, and Choose a company size that matches the driver’s current abilities.
  • Increased responsibility: Drivers know that they are closely monitored and have daily data evidence, as well as all employees will be self-aware to work better, be more careful and comply with regulations.

Important features of the tractor-trailer tracking system

Important features

Accurate GPS positioning

A professional tractor-trailer tracking software is required to have a system that tracks the exact location of the vehicle in real time. Specifically, the data output functions include the total number of kilometers traveled and the tractor’s cargo history.

Therefore, this software can help transportation managers track the exact location of tractor-trailers everywhere, and through GPS positioning in the transportation business and connecting with this software, the vehicle’s positioning Tractor heads are quickly updated on the map.

Detailed report

Tractor tracking software has the ability to retrieve input information, calculate in detail costs incurred during transportation such as toll tickets, minor damages, and create reports on travel distance and consumption. fuel and driving behavior.

In addition, when integrated with GPS devices and the software’s maintenance management system, they will be helpful in generating detailed reports and evaluating the productivity of each driver for business owners. Enterprises have reasonable management policies, rewards and punishments to improve company profits and brand value.

Manage transportation vehicle maintenance plans

Quality tractor-trailer tracking software applies the ability to manage the vehicle’s technical condition. Must-have management features are: speed, fuel consumption, and other technical parameters. The software must be able to record the vehicle’s travel history, including distances traveled, stopping time, and the driver’s driving speed.

Trip performance management plans are tables of parameters that evaluate reasonable levels of fuel consumption after objectively evaluating previous trips, along with a plan for travel time and distance. moving path. The more specific the route is outlined, the easier it is for businesses to evaluate the performance of the vehicle and driver. From there, businesses can easily plan vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

Integrate data and other modern technology

Integrate data and modern technology

In the current transportation market, new features have been added to tractor-trailer tracking software: door lock, engine shutdown, parking time display, speed control system. The software can provide information about the maximum speed the vehicle travels, to find errors when a traffic accident occurs.

This application also provides a route, notifies when the vehicle moves off the selected route, and technical problems on the vehicle. Providing timely warnings helps managers and transport business owners have appropriate solutions to handle problems. From there, businesses can save on accident costs when they have truck software combined with control equipment on the tractor.

Manage fuel and costs

Transport managers refer to fuel consumption norms in transport legal documents, then set standards to evaluate the level of fuel consumption at their businesses. Tractor tracking software integrates with customer input data in raw text, then provides analysis and derives an assessment for the vehicle owner.

Tractor tracking software also provides specific analysis of fuel consumption over each trip through each driver’s driving habits. After obtaining the above specific information, the manager proposes optimal solutions for the driving process, helping drivers save fuel, limit waste and maximize operating costs. From the above benefits, it helps businesses enhance brand recognition, and also protects the environment from excessive emissions and limits air pollution.

From the above analysis, it can be concluded that tractor-trailer tracking software is a highly effective solution for Vietnamese transportation businesses. They will limit driving risks, manage driver habits, as well as help business owners produce reports on profits, losses, and productivity progress. From there, they will have optimal policies to improve the capacity of all human resources in the organization and have higher profits.

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Frequently asked questions
Why do you need to use tractor-trailer tracking software?
This software plays a role in helping transport businesses improve transport management efficiency, optimize travel routes, reduce costs and ensure driver safety.
What are the important features in using trailer tracking software?
– Accurate GPS positioning: provides data including the total number of kilometers traveled and the tractor’s travel history.
– Detailed reports: create detailed reports, evaluating the productivity of each driver so that business owners can have management policies.
– Manage maintenance plans: The more specific the route is outlined, the easier it is for businesses to evaluate the performance of the vehicle and driver.
Why do businesses need to apply tractor-trailer tracking technology?
Because they will limit driving risks, manage driver habits, as well as help business owners produce reports on profits, losses, and productivity progress.
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