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Business data plays an important role as a valuable asset of every business, so ensuring the safety and security of this information is always considered a top concern. In the transportation sector, where information is constantly exchanged and there are links between many partners, this issue becomes even more important.

To meet the increasing demand for data security, TNK Transport Software was born with advanced security features. More than just a smart management tool, TNK is also a reliable protector of users’ important information.

Data management function

Data management function

Access and edit data only for authorized persons

One of the important features of TNK is its data management capabilities. Only authorized people can access and edit data in the system. This ensures that only those with rights and responsibilities will be able to access and process critical business information.

To ensure data accuracy and security, TNK transportation software also allows users to set different levels of authorization for each person in the organization. For example, managers may be given permission to access and edit all data in the system, while employees can only access and edit data related to their work. This helps limit the risk of information disclosure and ensure data security.

Track data change history

Another important feature of TNK transportation software is the ability to track data change history. When any changes are made to the data, the system records and stores information about the user who made the change, the time and content of the change.

This helps managers check and confirm the integrity of data, while also helping to quickly detect and handle unreliable behavior.

In addition, this feature also helps users go back to previous working sessions and restore data in case something goes wrong. This helps ensure data integrity and availability in all situations.

Top notch data securityTop notch data security

Use encryption to protect data during transmission

One of the most effective data security measures is the use of encryption. TNK transport software uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect data during transmission. This ensures that information exchanged between the user and the system will be encrypted and only the recipient can decode it to read it.

SSL is also used to authenticate the user’s identity and ensure that they are connecting to the correct system. This helps prevent phishing attacks and ensures data security.

Data is stored on secure servers and backed up periodically

TNK uses servers that are secure and meet the highest security standards to store user data. These servers are located in highly secure data centers and are strictly controlled to ensure data integrity and security.

In addition, the transport software also performs periodic data backups to ensure data availability in the event of a failure. These backups are stored on different servers and encrypted to ensure security.

Data security solution with TNK transport software

Data security solution with TNK transport software

High-end security

TNK commits to customers the most optimal security system. Using leading safety standards, your data is fully protected from every angle. Strong encryption system and strict access control mechanism help prevent any outside risks.

Organize data effectively

TNK Transportation Software is not just a management tool, but a smart data organization system. Categorizing, labeling and storing data is done in an organized manner, making it easy to access and find information when needed without reducing performance.

Control access

Data security is not just about keeping data from falling into the wrong hands, but also about managing who can access the data. TNK Transportation Software allows you to set and adjust access rights at each level, ensuring that only authorized people can access sensitive information.

Flexible backup and recovery

With TNK, the data backup and recovery process becomes easier and more flexible than ever. The system automatically creates periodic backups and provides flexible options for data recovery when needed. This helps ensure that all your important information is always protected and available.

Comply with the law

TNK Transportation Software strictly complies with legal regulations on data security. This is not only our commitment to customers but also helps your business avoid major risks and fines from regulatory agencies.

Dedicated technical support

Professional and dedicated technical support is an integral part of TNK’s commitment. Our team of experts will always be ready to assist you with all issues related to security and data privacy.

With advanced security features and measures, TNK is committed to ensuring that user data is always managed safely and securely. This helps users feel secure and focus on their business without having to worry about data security.

In addition, TNK transportation software also always updates and upgrades security features to meet the latest standards and ensure absolute safety for user data.

In today’s digital age, data security and safety is extremely important and cannot be ignored. Especially in the transportation sector, where there are links between many parties and information is constantly exchanged, data protection becomes more important than ever.

With TNK transport software, we are committed to ensuring that your data is always managed safely and securely. We use advanced security features and measures such as managing data only for authorized people, tracking data change history, encrypting data during transmission and storing data. on secure servers that are backed up periodically.

With TNK, you can rest assured about data security and focus on growing your business. Please contact us today for more detailed information about TNK transportation software’s data security solution.

Frequently asked questions
How does TNK Transportation Software protect business data?
TNK Transportation Software uses powerful security solutions such as data encryption, access management and multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety of important data.
How does TNK transport software face risks from online threats?
TNK controls the internet connection and regularly updates the system to protect against new threats, while also providing system monitoring to detect and prevent suspicious behavior early.
Does data recovery ensure integrity?
TNK provides routine backup and recovery functionality, ensuring that important data is always protected and available when needed.
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