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In the context of modern life, technology has and continues to directly affect the lives of many people and many different fields. It can be said that technology is becoming an indispensable part for all people and businesses. Many businesses have succeeded in applying technology to their work and one of those businesses has risen to become a shining star in that certain field.

The more technology develops, the more competitive manufacturing enterprises, industrial enterprises, logistics enterprises and transportation industries become in the market, when current competitors all focus on applying technology to their businesses. industry to optimize performance and save costs as much as possible.

Understanding the needs of such businesses, TNK software company was established with the goal of “blowing new breeze” into the fiercely competitive market. But the question that always arises is: what is TNK company?, what software does the company provide for our business? What can TNK Company bring to us? Those are the questions that businesses always ask when hearing about TNK company. So through this article, let’s learn about TNK company and TNK company’s products.

Conquer Challenges With TNK

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Researching and combining with the power of modern technology, TNK company has developed the most optimal transportation management software and petroleum software for businesses from key features such as route management. programming, fuel consumption management, automatic daily reporting and many other features.

TNK Company does not stop at solving today’s challenges but also sets a vision for the future. Continuous research and development is the core, helping TNK’s software always maintain its position as a reliable companion of transportation businesses in the digital age.

TNK Products Make a Difference

PMVT Transportation Software

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One of TNK company’s outstanding software is professional transportation software, which is highly appreciated by many businesses for its quality and accompanying features, such as helping businesses store and manage any data related to shipping. From long and complex information such as orders and goods to sensitive information such as driver information, vehicle assistant information and truck information. Everything will be organized effectively by TNK’s PMVT transportation software, helping businesses easily track all fleet activities.

PMVT transportation software can help businesses locate and monitor in real time. Not only does it help accurately locate the vehicle, but it also tracks stopping time and running time immediately, helping businesses predict and solve problems that arise quickly.

In addition, the software can closely monitor the vehicle’s fuel consumption and provide detailed analysis of fuel efficiency. In addition, TNK software can calculate the distance the vehicle can travel based on the fuel stored in the tank. Helping businesses evaluate and optimize the amount of fuel used, businesses not only reduce costs but also actively contribute to reducing harmful emissions.

TNK’s software has additional maintenance management features to help businesses monitor the stability of transport fleet operations. Businesses continuously monitoring maintenance schedules also help prevent unexpected incidents and increase vehicle longevity. Significantly reduce the cost of businesses having to spend on damaged spare parts.

The important thing in fleet management is that businesses need to understand how effectively drivers drive. And the software will take care of that problem when TNK’s software manages performance, monitors the driver’s working time, rest time, and stops,… ensuring compliance with safety rules. , helps improve driver quality and enhance security for every trip.

Finally, about the security and data management features of the software, this feature ensures that all information related to the business and customers will be strictly confidential. A complex encrypted and multi-layered security system helps control access from multiple sides to ensure that important data does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Therefore, businesses investing in TNK’s transportation software will be the perfect choice for businesses that want software with comprehensive features. Using the software is also an important step to improve quality. service quality and strengthen its position in today’s increasingly competitive market.

PMXD Petroleum Software

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Next is PMXD petroleum software with many features that are no less than PMVT transportation software. PMXD petroleum software is a fully integrated system with features to effectively monitor and manage your fuel supply.

PMXD petroleum software has the ability to monitor and report details on the amount of fuel used. Modern sensors connected to a unique cloud system help record vehicle refueling and erratic fuel use with extremely high accuracy, helping businesses monitor and evaluate. performance in the most accurate way.

One of the unique features of PMXD petroleum software is the ability to forecast fuel demand based on parameters such as road conditions, traffic conditions and weather conditions. These forecasts will help fleet managers plan the most reasonable route and also save the most fuel and time possible.

TNK’s software allows remote managers to monitor and review fuel consumption from anywhere by simply connecting to the network. Fleet managers can communicate directly with drivers remotely without having to have physical contact.

By applying AI artificial intelligence technology, PMXD petroleum software makes route tracking simpler and provides suggestions for choosing the shortest routes and minimizing fuel consumption as much as possible. can.

Through each unique feature, petroleum software promises to bring transportation businesses to a more efficient and sustainable future. The companionship of PMXD petroleum software will bring benefits to businesses and open up new management opportunities.

Technologies Applied In TNK’s Software

Applying artificial intelligence to software

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Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an important trend in many fields, especially the transportation field. When businesses need to manage a large number of trucks with many different data.

When AI applications are integrated into TNK’s software, the system has the ability to collect data from sensors on the road, providing easier truck management.

AI is integrated into the route management system to optimize the journey of transport vehicles. The software will automatically adjust the route based on real-time traffic conditions.

AI will also automatically predict technical problems in engines and other critical components.

And there are many other features, but we cannot deny that the integration of AI into the transportation industry is reshaping the way we move and manage the transportation system, bringing great benefits in terms of performance and efficiency. security.

Incorporate Cloud Based into the software

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Cloud computing, also known as Cloud Based, is an online data storage technology on the internet cloud platform that helps transportation businesses access data without an internet connection.

Cloud technology in TNK software often comes with strong security measures, helping to protect important information of transportation businesses. Additionally, automatic backup to the cloud helps ensure that important information is never lost.

Invoices and payments can be managed effectively through cloud technology, helping to reduce processing time and increase transparency in the payment process, as transactions are recorded in the system. system.

Applying IoT to TNK’s software

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The Internet of things (IoT), also known as the “internet of things,” is a network that brings together all the devices and technologies that facilitate the communication of devices with each other.

Therefore, IoT when applied to software will provide remote vehicle management capabilities, businesses will easily monitor system status, helping transportation businesses reduce costs and time.

In addition, sensors measure fuel levels and engine performance through IoT, providing more details about fuel consumption and driver behavior, businesses can optimize fuel consumption. and reduce losses.

IoT when applied to software will also provide more information about the status of vehicle parts and systems, helping to predict and schedule maintenance more effectively, helping businesses reduce maintenance costs and reduce costs. increase the life of the vehicle.

Therefore, integrating IoT into the transportation industry will help optimize processes, further enhance safety and performance, and open up many new opportunities for future development.


Through the above information, we can see that the transportation industry is witnessing a strong transformation with the emergence of technology. Transportation businesses choosing to use software with appropriate features will greatly affect the development of the business.

Therefore, TNK software company was established, with the combination of many talented young people who programmed the most optimal transportation software.

TNK has been contributing greatly to the development and modernization of the transportation industry. With continuous innovation and investment in research and development, the future promises to set the transportation industry on a journey of transformation and impact on our daily lives.

Solutions & TNK Technology – Solutions shaping the future of the transportation industry

Address: 137 Luy Ban Bich, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Hotline: 0903 821 698

Email: lienhe@tnk.com.vn

Website: tnk.com.vn

Frequently asked questions
What field does TNK Company specialize in?
TNK Company is a company specializing in the field of software and providing solutions for container transport, logistics and vehicle fuel monitoring.
What software products does TNK Company have?
The main software of TNK company is transportation software and petroleum software, these two software help businesses manage large fleets of vehicles more easily.
What technology does TNK company use in its software?
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps calculate capabilities, plan vehicle routes, monitor fuel,…
Cloud-Based cloud electronic technology helps store and secure customers’ private data.
IoT technology helps ensure easier remote management and automatic vehicle maintenance reporting.
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