Enhance Your Skills Through Training Sessions At TNK

Currently, when the industry market is increasingly demanding high expertise and flexibility from businesses, employee training and development is always the top factor for businesses to grow bigger. strong, comes with success.

Especially for the technology industry, as information technology is increasingly developing and with it comes the emergence of new technology, making businesses compete more and more fiercely in the software market. 

Therefore, TNK recently organized a special training session for employees in the company, with the goal of improving professional skills and quickly adapting to the rapid changes of increasingly complex technology.

đào tạo tại TNK

Training Session at TNKđào tạo tại TNK đào tạo tại TNK đào tạo tại TNK đào tạo tại TNK đào tạo tại TNK

This training session’s goal is to exchange important ideas at work and how to apply new technologies in daily work.

With the enthusiasm of the “teachers”, the training session at TNK applied a new teaching formula by combining traditional teaching methods with practical activities and exchanging experiences between departments. ban each other.

In addition, a notable point of the training session at TNK is the diversity in content and topics presented. TNK does not just focus on a single aspect throughout the lecture, but instead covers different topics, from technical programming issues to company projects/products and communication skills.

TNK always wants to support its employees in having opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in fields that they already know or have never been exposed to before.

Connection with Other Parts

This is a great opportunity to build relationships and help network the company closer together. Employees from different departments have had more opportunities to understand the work in different departments, making communication between jobs simpler and faster.

A fast, professional and positive working environment is what TNK always wants to aim for when we can contribute together to TNK’s common mission and goals.

đào tạo tại TNK

The training session at TNK is an opportunity for all employees to improve their professional skills together, increase creativity in diversity in all subject content, along with the creative and positive environment created. a breakthrough in building and developing human resources at TNK.

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