TNK Celebrates International Women’s Day March 8: Honoring the Beauty and Value of Women

Ho Chi Minh City, March 8, 2024 – Joining the atmosphere of celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, TNK organized a cozy and joyful party for the company’s pink shadows. This is also an opportunity to honor the great contributions of women in families, companies and society.

TNK Kỷ Niệm Ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ 8/3: Tôn Vinh Vẻ Đẹp Và Giá Trị Của Phái Nữ

TNK – Where women shine

On this special day, TNK would like to wish all female employees working at the company to always be beautiful, radiant, happy and successful in life.

For us, you not only play an important role in ensuring the overall work of the company but are also brilliant flowers, adding to the dynamic and creative working environment.

With a spirit of dedication, responsibility and meticulousness, TNK women always successfully complete all assigned tasks. They are great wives and mothers in the family and are dedicated colleagues and superiors, always supporting and helping everyone. Thanks to your dedication, TNK has achieved many successes over the years.

Nơi phái đẹp tỏa sáng

Gratitude and honor

TNK always creates conditions for women to maximize their abilities. We are committed to an equal, dynamic working environment, encouraging women to participate in leadership and management positions.

We believe that, with their efforts and dedication, TNK women will continue to achieve more success and development.

Tri ân và tôn vinh

A cozy and meaningful afternoon celebrating International Women’s Day March 8

The program not only brings meaningful gifts but also an opportunity for female employees to relax and enjoy meaningful moments at the restaurant, with attractive dishes and interesting conversations.

These gifts are not only material gifts, but also a sign of special attention and care from the management and colleagues.

At lunch, the female employees had the opportunity to relax and enjoy interesting moments of conversation together. Stories about life, work and dreams were shared, creating a fun and close atmosphere.

Buổi trưa ấm cúng và ý nghĩa

Hopefully today will be a memorable and meaningful experience for the female employees. Through meaningful gifts, luxurious lunches and relaxing moments of conversation, we hope that the spirit of solidarity and consensus in work will continue to be strengthened and developed in the future.

Wishing you all a joyful, happy and full of love on March 8!

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